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LoveLeigh Lanes Miniature Horses is tucked away on a lovely acreage near Minnedosa, Manitoba Canada. Although not new to horses, my miniature horse ownership only started in 2012. A twinkling of an idea led me to contact a local miniature horse owner and breeder, who just happened to be my former 4-H leader and great friend. I was looking for ONE miniature to train for therapy work at our local Care Home. I came home with FOUR beautiful miniatures from that visit. From there I was hooked and new ideas about my future in miniatures began to form and flourish!

I soon started my search for mares that I felt would be an asset to a possible AMHR breeding program. I dipped my feet into the show ring and began driving with a crash course and a new horse! In May 2016 I leased a stallion for 2 of my mares and boy did I fall in love with this handsome boy! Not long after I was given the amazing chance to buy him! Those early ideas have become reality faster than I ever imagined and I am super excited to see what the future has in store!

My dreams would not have become reality so fast without the help of some amazing people. So I send out a HUGE thank you to all those who have lent a hand, listened and answered my crazy questions and thoughts, pointed me in the right direction and encouraged me.  

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